Eco-Focus & Tips

Our corporate mission includes a focus on sustainability and ways to prevent good food and resources from going to waste.  We extend that to include our packaging.  

Are you wondering why we only sell Large and Extra Large items? 

The primary reason is to conserve resources, reduce small container package waste in landfills and provide our customers a responsible way to use our products.  We are asked to pay $.10/plastic bag in the supermarket in Colorado and it has dramatically reduced plastic bag usage.  We ask our customer to help us carry that theme to packaged food as well.

Storing Appleooz:

We encourage all to store our products in air tight, sealed containers when they arrive to keep that crunchy freshness. 

Appleooz in reusable container

Especially in warm weather states where heat and humidity are consistently high.  Many people use smaller, reusable containers to package our apple chips for daily servings.

Reusable containers

We go to great lengths to make our crunchy apple chip products via dehydration (vs. baking, frying or freeze drying).   It takes over 15 hours to make every Appleooz apple chip and they will seek out moisture whenever they can.

When you carry Appleooz with you, be sure to keep them away from direct contact with your warm body.  This will soften the apple chips and make them less crunchy.  Direct sunlight will also warm the apple chips and soften them so if you leave them in your car, please beware...

We're a small startup and this is the best way for us to provide the highest quality products for you.  Thanks for supporting our mission.

Golden Delicious apples from backyard