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Wafer-Thin Appleooz!

Comes a Time...

After more than a decade of manufacturing, retail distribution and online sales of our products direct to consumers, we've decided to close this chapter of the Appleooz brand.

And start a new one...

Introducing the
Crunchy Apple Chip Product Licensing program that allows your brand/cidery/brewery/restaurant to offer an award winning snack appetizer to your customers without going through the arduous task of proof of concept for new products that we've gone through.

And you can label it under your own brand name instead of Appleooz. Learn More-->

Colorado's Best Crunchy Apple Chipz

Appleooz (ap-pull-OOOz) is made with a variety of fresh Colorado apples, organic and natural fruit juices and cinnamon; then slowly dehydrated to a delicious crunchy texture.  There's no GMOs, added sugar or preservatives.

We're transitioning from a product manufacturer to a licensor and have started a Product Licensing program for cideries and brands to add our product to their menus under their own brand name.

We use the best local apples grown in Colorado to help reduce the carbon footprint for our products and Colorado's Big B's Natural Apple juice to make Appleooz. See photos & more -->

Our handcrafted crunchy apple chipz are a healthy snack alternative for all your on the go activities.   Made in Boulder, Colorado, each apple chip takes over 15 hours to create and package.  Great to eat right out of the bag or add them as a tasty topping for cereal, salads, yogurt, oatmeal and ice cream. 

Gluten-free * No Added Sugar * No Preservatives * non-GMO * Vegan * Paleo * No Dairy


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