Welcome Back to Appleooz!

As the original owner of the Appleooz brand, we are re-launching our brand after a few years hiatus.   

Appleooz is made with a variety of fresh apples, organic and natural fruit juices and cinnamon; then slowly dehydrated to a delicious crunchy texture.  Kids just love them and there's no added sugar or preservatives.

Our handcrafted crunchy apple chipz are the perfect healthy snack alternative for all your on the go activities.   Made in Boulder, Colorado, each apple chip takes over 15 hours to create and package.  Great to eat right out of the bag or add them as a tasty topping for cereal, salads, yogurt, oatmeal and ice cream. 

Gluten-free * No Added Sugar * No Preservatives * non-GMO * Vegan * Paleo * No Dairy