The Appleooz Story

Once upon a time, there were lots of apples in Boulder, Colorado going to waste...

Our founder was sick and tired of watching his own backyard apples rot and lay on the ground so he started dehydrating them.

One day he left them in the dehydrator for a day and half and they got all crunchy.  He handed them out to friends and their kids and got an overwhelmingly positive response, especially from the kids.  The dehydration mistake became the inspiration to create a natural food brand to support healthy snacking for kids.


Appleooz Crunchy Apple Chipz was born in 2012 at Farmers Markets, Boulder Valley School District and local events.  They were quickly adopted by locals in Colorado and distribution grew to 300+ stores in Colorado and beyond (including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers and Kroger). 

In 2014 we won the Naturally Boulder 2014 Pitch Slam award and launched nationally at Expo West in 2015. 

Whole Foods and Appleooz


Naturally Boulder

Appleooz launched a community “give back” program called Donate Colorado Apples to help harvest apples that were going to waste from local backyards in Boulder County:

  • Homeowners signed up to donate their backyard apples

  • Kids at the schools were invited to help harvest the apples and brought them to our commercial facility.

  • We made them into crunchy apple chips and provided them to area schools to support healthy snacking for kids.

  • Kids were invited back to commercial kitchen to learn how the apples were made into commercial products.

Donate Colorado Apples created a wonderful connection with our community and a reinforcement of our mission to save good food from going to waste.

The Appleooz brand has gone through some changes recently but we’re back with the same Original and Tart crunchy apple chips that people love.  Handcrafted and packaged by Coloradoans who care about healthy eating and sustainability...

Thanks for supporting our brand and team!