Donate Colorado Apples

Coal Creek Elementary and Mark Wood

The Appleooz product was inspired by the frustration of watching apples go to waste in our founders backyard in Boulder, Colorado. In 2014, we created a "Donate Colorado Apples" program to harvest backyard apples from Boulder County locals.

Fresh apples in Boulder, CO

Those apples were used to make our crunchy apple chipz that were donated to local schools to support healthy snacking for kids.  

Here's how the program worked:

  • Local homeowners signed up to have their backyard apples picked and donated to support healthy snacking for kids.

  • Kids from local schools were invited to help pick the apples.

  • They brought crates of apples back to our commercial kitchen.   

  • We handcrafted them into crunchy apple chips and provided them to local schools.

After the annual harvest, the kids were invited back to our commercial kitchen to learn about how the apples were made into crunchy apple chips and packaged. 

Kids were able to see how a local business got started with apples from backyards and they literally helped grow our business.  It also inspired the kids to think about entrepreneurial ideas of their own...

In the Fall, we now work with Community Fruit Rescue to continue the tradition of harvesting local apples in the fall.

Red Apples Apple pickers