Community Support - One Person's Ceiling is another person's floor!

Community Support - One Person's Ceiling is another person's floor!

We make periodic donations of Appleooz and Colorado apples to Food Banks and Homeless Shelters in Boulder County and Denver Metro.

As I was driving to drop off a recent donation of fresh apples to Community Food Share in Louisville, I stopped by Alfalfa's Market in Louisville. 

This week, Alfalfa's announced that they were closing all 3 stores and leaving vendors like Remarkable Foods hanging in the balance with past due invoices that won't be paid and product on the shelf...

Instead of getting in line with other vendors, I went to the store and requested my product back.  Alfalfas agreed!

This product cannot be resold so I added it to my donation to Community Food Share.  

Here's their mission:

"Accessing fresh, nutritious food isn’t always easy or affordable. That’s what we’re here for: we provide participants with food they feel good about feeding their families." 

One person's ceiling is another person's floor! It gives me great joy to share product that would be thrown away with folks in need of healthy food...

We offer our condolences to the Alfalfa's Market team and honor the incredible legacy that was built around that brand in our community.

Apple On!

AppleMaster Mark

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