Appleooz Combo

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Almonds & Appleooz - two great snack items that were meant to be together.

Our dry roasted, unsalted, thick sliced almonds provide essential proteins and a tasteful balance of roasted flavor and crunch.  The crunchy apple chipz add the healthy carb balance with the sweet crunch that keeps you coming back for more.

Where healthy protein meets healthy carbs to fuel your exercise and activities.  Take them hiking, biking, skiing, boarding and running as an alternative to processed sugar foods. 
No added sugar or preservatives.

Or add them to trail mix, cereal and salads for a healthy new topping.

Appleooz & Almonds - Crunchy apple chips mixed with fresh almonds is the perfect snack right out of the bag.

5 oz. / 140g -  6+ servings/package